Ezaron Chronicles Game Free Download

Ezaron Chronicles Game Free Download
Ezaron Chronicles Game Free Download

Ezaron Chronicles Game Free Download, Ezaron Chronicles features multiple levels and power-ups, making it a must-play for match 3 fans! In Ezaron’s Chronicles, magic slipped into the world when the Rift opened. But with magic came terrifying creatures with devastating powers! One by one, Ezaron’s cities fell, and its lands were scorched. As the captain, it’s up to you to protect your king and defeat Malefisto. Can you master the power of the Magic Crystals and build the Roddivir outpost? Are you the hero the lands of Ezaron need? Then start matching!

Ezaron Chronicles Game Features

  • 100 levels of exciting match 3 game
  • Construct a powerful outpost to defend yourself
  • 3 difficulty levels to suit your playstyle
  • Great characters and storyline
  • Advanced 3D Graphics

Ezaron Chronicles Game System Requirements

  1. File Size: 142 Mb
  2. Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Licensing terms and policy

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Ezaron Chronicles Game Free Download.

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